Great opening lines for dating

Deciding how to start a conversation with an online dating match can be tricky, but according to a survey by the dating app Hinge, some opening lines are definitely better than others.Unsurprisingly, the results showed that the classic but bland “Hey, what’s up?Showing you’re not scared to open up about things in your life shows that you’re not a huge tool bag, but someone worth getting to know. Okay; so you’ve been browsing your matches online and you’ve come across someone who might be a possibility. How do you start the first message to what could be your soulmate in a way that engages and interests them without making you sound a bit odd? In his first message to me, my now fiancé complimented me on the use of an apostrophe in my profile (I’d talked about going to parents’ evening at school – sexy stuff.) To me though, someone who writes for a living, this was the ultimate in flattery and proved that he too knew his ‘their’ from his ‘they’re’. I appreciate that grammar may not be the way to everyone’s heart, so I’ve come up with a few ideas for the all-important first message.Ask thoughtful questions based on actual facts she has presented about herself.Read about her interests ad look at the activities she’s engaged in in photos.“Tinder is a hellscape most of the time.Ask me something random, like ‘Hawaiian or pepperoni?’ And then buy me pizza.” —Susan, 31 If you’re feeling her style, pay attention to her pictures.

That's because women are constantly inundated with messages from guys who think they're being clever, when in fact, they're just coming off as creepy. I like when they show they’ve looked past my pictures and are taking an interest in the things I have said.

And don’t just restrict this line to women, either — talking about food is a great way to pique a man’s interest as well. ” Leaning on the food concept once again, this opener takes the novelty of time-wasting internet quizzes and puts it into action. read your profile,” this shows that you’re interested in the things your potential date has done in their lifetime.

Not only will the answer to a question like this arm you with knowledge of what drink to order for your date if you two do go out, but it also lets you see how they view themselves: Are they sweet but powerful, like bottomless mimosas? Plus, it’s an open-ended question that can invite more conversation.

Travel is something that can really bring two people together, so swapping experiences and asking about each other’s favorite destinations is a good way to keep the conversation flowing.“What would your ideal vacation be?

” Swap out the word “vacation” for whatever else you’d want to know, whether you want to hear about what they enjoy doing on Saturday nights, lazy Sunday mornings, or on a first date.

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