Hacked xbox updating dashboard

The Internet Explorer app does work fairly well, and if you have your 360 hooked up via a wired Internet connection, it’s also quite reliable.

But it just feels awkward browsing the web on a television with a controller.

With the My Pins feature, you can cut out searching and browsing for the content by adding each app to a menu that pops up on the home screen just below the window that shows you what game you’ve got in your 360 at the time.

Adding and removing apps is very quick, making it easy to change what you want to use.

By giving users a few, albeit limited, multimedia applications and the capability to arrange them as they please, they make it much more enticing to turn on the old Xbox and watch a movie or hop into a quick multiplayer match.

Last fall, Microsoft updated the service to better use the Kinect camera, but it also made navigating media apps, finding games, and using previously accessible features a frustrating experience. What matters is that using your 360 like the media machine Microsoft bills it as is finally practical — it’s no longer a slog through various menus.

Several times during the beta, my 360 actually timed out during the sign-in process, forcing me to completely reset it before trying again.

Now, the crashes are at a minimum, but the lengthy loading time still leaves me a bit wary that the console could crash at any moment.

Earlier today, Microsoft announced two new features to the dashboard, Xbox Music and the roll-out of the first 360 free-to-play game Happy Wars.

But you’ll also see other things when you update your console.

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