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[Review Full Profile] Im a hands-on Mechanical Engineer, Scamp Kitcar manufacturer (made nearly 400 Scamp Kitcars.

Removed sections follow: —Viriditas | Talk , (UTC) An important part of hippie culture was linguistic.Hippies sometimes listened to other music, but one thing they tended to avoid was top-40 radio, or AM radio, which was considered "pop" music.They preferred to listen to the more progressive stations on FM radio.Allways had mild Intrest in witchcraft, shamanism and pagan concepts, also myth and faery folk, but never really read any books or researched it. I have been a witch for many years, was a Council Member of the Pagan Federation for 13 years.But Ive had some 'witch like' experiences and shamanistic so now wander if I'am a natural shaman witch, and that made me come here. [Review Full Profile] I am 81 years old widower, but look a younger, have a reasonable figure, and acceptable health, both physically and mentally. My late wife and I run a Gardnerian coven in East Anglia for 35 years after .....

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