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Life isn’t always easy, but I can say confidently that HIV has not stopped me from meeting and dating and fucking sexy people.I use it as a litmus test to weed out unwanted partners: If you’re not cool with my status, you don’t get the rest of me.When you’re undetectable, HIV does not change how you look. Some of the most attractive people in your neighborhood may have HIV.Some of the hottest people at your local gay bar have HIV.We are activists and politicians, performers and artists, porn stars and proud sluts. To help you on your journey, here are six answers to your basic HIV questions, with six more to come in part two of this guide. I was not confident in sex, and had only started exploring my newfound kinks.My best sex came post-diagnosis, along with my best partners. Will anyone want to have sex with me now that I am HIV positive? Suddenly I was branded with something I was deeply afraid of, something I had been afraid of for years.That said, some people, both HIV positive and HIV negative, choose to serosort. If your doctor diagnosed you with AIDS, you may have seen some changes in your body already. If HIV is left untreated, in time it will progress to AIDS, or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome.

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When you are undetectable, the virus is unable to trigger antibody tests, which are the tests used to tell if someone has HIV.

But there are medicines so effective that they’ve been called a “functional cure.” Which is to say: They don’t remove HIV from your body completely, but they reduce it to the point where the virus is so benign that it is untransmittable, and you can live a healthy, normal, happy, sexy life. I am in a serodiscordant relationship, which means I am HIV-positive and my partner is HIV-negative.

I know countless long-term, happy serodiscordant couples.

In the beginning, I felt it was my responsibility to educate potential sex partners who didn’t know all this terminology — guys with no idea what “undetectable” meant. It’s not my responsibility to educate anyone on the modern realities of HIV.

A sexually responsible, socially cognizant adult should do that self-education on their own time, particularly if they are part of a community that is at high-risk for HIV (men who have sex with men, particularly men of color, and transgender women).

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