Homestar runner dating service

It's very, very, very small – I don't have any lines or anything.

He means well, but his idiocy often leads him to accidentally say and do things that alienate his friends.

Hopefully that involves Homestar Runner in one way or another.

WN: Think we'll be seeing pop-up ads anytime soon? Mike: We'll just quit if that's the only way to survive.

View Slideshow Every Monday morning, a bare-chested Flash cartoon creature with an indeterminate accent, a potbelly and a Mexican wrestling mask entertains almost 300,000 people with antics like composing an impromptu techno song.

Not everyone gets it, but enough people flock to Mike and Matt Chapman's Homestar Runner website that its stars, Strong Bad, Homestar, Marzipan and The Cheat are gaining cult status with pre-teens, the Gen-X crowd and everyone in between.

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