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This arrangement lasted from 1971 to 1978; it made the radio link via Tangier redundant.In May 1983, President Reagan proposed to upgrade the hotline by the addition of high-speed facsimile capability.Each country delivered keying tapes used to encode its messages via its embassy abroad.An advantage of the one-time pad was that neither country had to reveal more sensitive encryption methods to the other.The Soviet Union and the United States agreed formally to do this on July 17, 1984.According to the agreement, upgrades were to take place through use of Intelsat satellites and modems, facsimile machines, and computers.The primary link was accidentally cut several times, for example near Copenhagen by a Danish bulldozer operator, and by a Finnish farmer who plowed it up once.Regular testing of both the primary and backup links took place daily.

A month later the Soviet equipment, four sets of East German teleprinters with the Cyrillic alphabet made by Siemens, arrived in Washington. This used the unbreakable one-time pad cryptosystem.Specifically, they agreed to notify each other immediately in the event of an accidental, unauthorized or unexplained incident involving a nuclear weapon that could increase the risk of nuclear war.Two new satellite communication lines supplemented the terrestrial circuits using two U. Intelsat satellites, and two Soviet Molniya II satellites.At the Pentagon, the hotline system is located at the National Military Command Center. MOLINK staffers take special care not to include innuendo or literary imagery that could be misinterpreted, such as passages from Winnie the Pooh, given that a bear is considered the national symbol of Russia.Each MOLINK (Moscow Link) team historically worked an eight-hour shift: a non-commissioned officer looked after the equipment, and a commissioned officer who was fluent in Russian and well-briefed on world affairs was translator. The Soviets also asked, during the Carter administration, that Washington not send routine communications through the hotline.

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