How to start a phone dating business

We noticed that if a girl, however, messages him back, the user tends to stay there for at least seven months.” This is also why dating apps invest heavily in their in-app messenger feature.

Until, of course, things go offline or most often to platforms like Whats App or Instagram.

Truly Madly, for instance, claims that 40% of its users come from outside the top 10 cities.

This could include the likes of Guwahati, Visakhapatanam or Raipur — a mix of student towns and socalled tier II-III cities. LOVE KNOWS BOUNDARIES “Even though we have broken even, the numbers haven’t grown significantly.

Just less than half of Truly Madly’s business is from smaller towns too.

This time, they know that there is a chance of success. They stay on the app, keep subscribing, keep swimming and thus, keep buying (new and) expensive packs.

Bhatia says, “If a guy gets a match, that is, a girl has liked him back, there’s a sense of hope that makes him stay on the platform for at least three months.

FREEMIUM’S THE FIRST LOVE The business of online dating, as ironic as it might seem, isn’t about dating. It’s more about user engagement at a micro-level and hope, cognitively speaking. Failure in the dating business is when a subscriber can’t find a match or the match doesn’t go anywhere.

It is about getting you to spend time on the platform. That is also due to the gender bias in the platform, that is, there are more guys than girls on the platform,” adds Bhatia of Truly Madly. So, imagine Raj speaks to Simran virtually but never meets her.

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