How to stop rosetta stone from updating

🙂 I mentioned that Rosetta Stone has gone in the direction of online subscription-based services.

There’s one important thing to consider here: As I said in my Living Language review, it makes little sense to sign up for a as the physical product.

If you tend to leave your editor open without saving files, you might want to enable the VS Code settings of files. When VS Code comes back up after an update, you'll have to reopen any files that were previously open.As always, you’re welcome to share your thoughts and experience in the comment section below!🙂 A lot of the criticism of Rosetta Stone stems from its biblically-proportioned price tag but not enough is actually said about how the software is intended to work. I will state from the outset however that I agree with most that the program is indeed outrageously expensive.At the time of this writing, I’ve seen the complete packages of Version 4 (all levels) selling for up around 0 USD through various vendors online like Amazon.For the average home user this is unjustifiably expensive. Now, I’m sure that their “world’s best” speech recognition technology (Tru Accent™), research and expensive marketing campaigns account for most of this cost but for the average home user looking for a foreign language solution that’s well and truly beyond their means.

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