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Fourteen Known to be Dead "List of Missing and Injured. Others who had rooms in the hotel and who have not been accounted for are as follows: M. 1 did not know what it was, but got out of bed and hurried out and on going down- sitairs I must have lost my way, for when I got down on what I thought was the ground floor I fell in the base- ment." His injuries, though severe, are not thought to V taken off the roof of the building adjoin- It was a cat- pitiless in its Ing the hotel, occupied lay A blade. In 1878 at the time ol ine Ute troubles he wa-^ Indian agent at the Ouray re- servation. We cannot have the graces of the Christian life without the means that go to the making of theise graces. D., Canadian Methodist trustee of the United Society of Christian Endea- vor. A third let- ter came asking my advice as to how she should proceed in order to obtain an engagement. Friglhtful Hotel Accident Caused by a Drunken Engineer's Deed. Ck)ld Storage building, formerly occupied by Swift dc Co., on Lake Avenue Already Iced. He says it was his brother's cus- tom to retire early on Sunday evenings. Adams was In his i TK)m, he is undoubtedly among the dead. James Murphy, a contractor, was^ a regular boarder, and also roomed in the destroyed por- tion. Rubbe says he was in his room and he also must be among the dead. His injuries were very serious, though not neces- sarily fatal. I vraa upstairs in bed when I heard am awful crash. Ha had been a resident of tlie state since the early days and formerly took a promi- nent part in politics as a Republican. Diffi- culties and ever greater diftlculties form a large jiart of all useful training. Miss Bolton as Lady Allcash was charming and has a better opportunity for the display of her sweet voice than in other operas In the repertoire. Drew as Lortl Allcash was "positively" excellent, and Mr. She trusted I would keep her communi- cation "strictly confidential." I wrote again, expressed my grief and said my company was complete.

No need to ask why just this certain Clothi E^ store is filled i with customers. {( Pin your confidence to our all=wool Blue and Black Suits, and .75... At 11 o'clock one bod1 which was not iden- tified had been removed from the ruins and several more were in sight, int number killed will not exceed twenty The list of dead and injured, so far a.^ ascertained, are. Washington Star: "And you say your father Is Interested In me? If our meat and drink, like Christ's, is to do the will of him that sent us, we shall think of his interests, and not of our own feelings. It Is not always for money that these solicitations ar« sent. There Is one kind of letter th\al comril sometimes to the actor in his work-a- dny hours that he takes a just pride in and that he can not value too highly. The death list will Include the owner of the hotel, letter Gumry; the manager, Robert C. Th^y are known to have been in the rear of the building and could not possibly have escaped. The force of the ex- plosion was so great that for two blocks on Lawrence streeit and for dis- tance on Larimer street every window in the business blocks was shattered in pieces on the pavements, astrophe complete a horrors. Such are the considerations which led me to edit and publish a fac simile in every detail of the original manuscript engrossed on vellum of "The Unani- mous Declaration of the Thirteen United Sitates of America," promulgated to the world by the continental congress July l. Greene was commissioned to rewrite this fa- vorite drama. " Some have the same family name and want to call that they may trace some relationship. Berkelmann's Stock Must be Sold ; For cash in 30 days regardless of cost. The firemen are labor- ing at the work of excavation, but it will be many hours, and perhaps days, before the uncertain horror B of the heap of destruction cane fully told. The whole rear half of the hotel was blown to -atoms and the front portions are merely shattered and burned frag- ments of a house. George Burt, passenger conductor on the Rock Island, Colorado Springs. The duty of every teacher in these schools to so instruct the children in the principles therein set forth, and their practical application to their daily life, ihat upon leaving school every pupil shall not only thoroughly understand but believe 'them. When it was decided that Miss Wallis would star again this season Mr. The drama will be handsomely mounted, with new -scenery by Walter Burridge, and with new music, costumes, etc. He inevitably tells you that you are ,the only man who can play the principal part, that he he has hacl offers of production from scores of managers, but there Is no one In their companies who could adether3 knew you when you were a little boy and "always said you would be an actor, because you were always cutting up! If you are in need of Furniture don't miss this sale. Three were rescued with more or less serious Injuries, ajkl the others are unqu«^tion- ably lying dead beneath the Indescrib- a Vle mass of bricks and shattered beams and twisted iron at the rear of the ruined building. Mc Closkey, of Canon City; three chambermaids and one bell boy. William von Humboldt, one of the most distinguished of German educa- tors, has said that "whatever we wish to see introduced In the life of a nation must first be introduced in the life ol its sche K)ls." In view of this education- al axiom, and of what has been stated of the relation of the principle of politi- cal equality to the character of our government and to the duties of an Am- erican citizen living under and being loyal to that government, two most Im- perative duties growing out of such re- lations seem to be clearly Indicated. The duty of every ^ithful parent, of every loyal citizen, of every patriotic American, to see that the children in our public schools have the opportunity never enjoyed by their predecessors, o J becoming familiar with the principles set foiith in the "great charter of our liberties," through a copy hung in every schoolhouse, where its form, words and courageous spirit may become familiar to all; and 2. The special scenerj- from the studio of Noxon & Toomey. Louis, and is acknowle«lged to be the handsomest and heaviest ever turned out by this celebratee a fitting attrac- tion with which to launch the Temple into its seventh season of prosperity. Mc Vkkers theater, Chicago, i.s given over to rehearsals by Miss Gladys Wal- lis and company of Clay M. ' and this play will receive its initial pre- sentation at that hou.««e tonight, when the regular season will open. He has modernized the play in many ways and particularly in the dialogue. Crane's com- pany for two or three years, and made many friends when that gentleman last vislte*:! "Would I not btnifi lently land with full belief in its gretit merit and superior virtue. Out »f forty or mwre people who were eertttlnly In the hotel when the explosion occurred a score were got o Ut safely. The equality to which It refers is neither physical, mental, njor social, but an equality only so far as "all men" are members of the same civil society, equal before the law to which all are to be obedient, equal in that highest development of such a society In which all Its members live In consonance with the great law of hu- manity, "each for all and all for each.' This political principle finds Its com- plete expression in that most character- istic of American Institutions, the pub- lic school — the school of the people; that school where the sons and daughters of American citizens, no matter what their native cemntry, no matter what the color of their skin, no matter what their religion, or whether they are poor or rich, meet on common and neutral ground, are taught to respect the rights and opinions of their associates, and so are trained and educated for the great duties, responsibilities, and privileges of American citizenship. Lvl 5:o6'i)ni Ar Toronto Lv S;10 amj Ar Montreal Lvi sio'pni S:3J pm|Ar Boston Ia-I ! Still another with a more business-like turn of mind gave me all her dlmen- "THE DERBY WINNER." The seventh regular season of the Temple will be inaugurate*! It comprises a company of twenty-seven singing, dancing and acting people; seven thoroughbred horses, among them"Freeland,thegrajnd- est race horse in all the land." seven regular jockeys, a group of plantation singers and dancers arnl a double col- ored quartet. member one that came to me from one who said she was a poor wklow, that her most keen enjoyment was derived from performances at the theater, but that her means forbade the luxury.

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