Infp trouble dating

Fi Ne’s generally prefer only to use Te only when necessary, rather than to make all of their decisions.Overuse of an inferior function can be very draining, and may be unhealthy when constantly given priority over other functions.Dominant Function and Core of the Internal World: Introverted Feeling Fi-dominant types are very warm and caring to those they are close to, especially because they may subconsciously believe that everyone has an inner world similar to theirs.However, they take a while to open up to people, and aren’t likely to approach someone unless that person strikes their interest in some way.They tend to be very considerate of others, and may take a long time to mull over their own beliefs to make sure they seem right.

This function may be their achilles heel, and is inherently not as strong as their other functions because their highest priority and focus is on Fi.They naturally take care of these people and treat them like family.These people could be a romantic partner, a best friend, etc.Te is a very logic-oriented way of problem solving.It is the side of them that naturally looks to find a better solution to a problem, improve the efficiency of a process, or critique and refine what is already in place.

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