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Wolfe Herd, 29, is joined by three female Bumble staffers in sweatpants and company T-shirts, Mac Books clutched under their arms. The mood is buzzing, on-brand—business meeting meets pajama party.

A company by women for women: Bumble was founded on this idea before it became fashionable, in what could be called the Pre Too era, in the days before power woman T-shirts were sold at J. It began as a dating app with a simple concept: Give women the agency to dictate their own relationships and overturn the dynamics of online courtship by letting them make the first move.

Russian regulators have ordered the popular dating app Tinder to comply with the country's new Internet data laws, raising concerns that the country's security services could get access to citizens' intimate exchanges.

Roskomnadzor added Tinder on May 31 to the list of "information disseminators" -- which includes websites, apps, and messenger services -- that must store local users data on servers inside the country.

Wolfe Herd tells me Bumble is profitable, in the range of 0 million in revenue last year. “No tech company at our age is ever profitable.”Bumble is active in 150 countries, but the company has been especially focused of late on India—on track to have more than 700 million people on the internet by 2020.

In October 2017 she enlisted Priyanka Chopra as the company’s partner, or rather, Chopra enlisted Bumble, grabbing the CEO’s arm at the New York launch of Bumble Bizz and saying, “We have to bring this to India.”A year later, here we are, with a rebuilt, India-friendly version of the app (incorporating languages, identity protection for women, and culturally specific marketing).

Tinder also stores debit- and credit-card information of those that subscribe to premium services.

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The dating app experienced a huge spike in usage in Russia during the World Cup in 2018.

In March, about 185,000 Russians living in cities of 100,000 or more people used the app every day, according to a study by Mediascope.

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