Intentional dating relationship

Spiritual, physical and emotional agreement must move in tandem.

Most dating people forget that someone’s spiritual inclination, which may be a little hard to detect, is key to a relationship.

By working to take care of our home and prepare meals, I’m providing a sanctuary for our marriage to flourish.

I see my marriage as integrated into all three of these priorities.For example, I really try my best to walk my husband out to his truck before he leaves for work every day and send him off with a kiss.I’ve also set my phone alarm to go off 15 minutes before he is due home so that I can make a point to close out what I’m doing and greet him at the door when he arrives. I make a point to say a specific prayer just for my husband during my .I was not raised with an example of a faith-founded marriage. I discovered my faith at a fairly young age and my parents didn’t discourage me in my own personal faith walk.I feel blessed that God chose to put it on my heart to trust in Him in finding a spouse and building my marriage on a foundation of faith from such a young age.

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