Is josh beckett dating anyone

Despite this, Castle confronts Beckett at the end of the episode with evidence that her mother was targeted for murder.At the beginning of season 2 she forgives Castle for his indiscretion about her mother's murder after he delivers a heartfelt apology.The two become romantically involved, but the relationship ends when Will pursues a career in Boston, a career move he chose over Kate.In the pilot episode, Beckett leads the investigation into the murder of Allison Tisdale, which is staged in the style of a death scene described in the Richard Castle's novel Flowers For Your Grave, along with other murders based on Castle's fiction.

Katherine Houghton Beckett was born to Jim and Johanna Beckett on November 17, 1979. Her grandfather was an amateur magician and frequently brought her to the famous Drake's Magic Shop after school in her early teens, resulting in her fascination of the art.At first, she is informed by a corrupt businessman, Dick Coonan, that it is a contract killer named "Rathborne" who killed her mother and the 3 other victims.They then set up an exchange - Castle actually donating 0,000 of his own money to cover the fee to fake a hit - so Beckett can finally catch the killer, but the killer never shows.Her father took Johanna's death hard and became an alcoholic.She was eventually able to help her father get through it, though.

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