Jack dating holly

Nicole's Overs and Simon's Groups will perform on Saturday and one act will go home each night.

The two acts with the highest amount of votes from each night will then compete against each other for an amazing "money can't buy" career enhancing prize.

"I remember saying to someone, ' I think I might do this song', then put in to do it and they [production] said 'so and so is doing that one.' "So you can't tell anyone what songs you're doing because people will steal it.Holly has been mentioned multiple times on Steam Train by Ross and Danny.During the announcement video for the new Game Grumps and Steam Train shirts Arin and Danny are using several props which were created by Holly.During the same video, a poster from Morgan Spurlock's documentary Comic-Con Episode Four: A Fan's Hope can be seen in the background, which Holly was a main cast member of.Holly has appeared alongside Danny in the first episode of Friend Zone, and again in the third episode of Friend Zone.

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