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"That whole kerfuffle made about my peculiar speech was such a turn off," she snorts.There came four Golden Globe nominations before this year's win, and a nomination for a Cesar - or French Oscar - for La Ceremonie.She's just finished a period drama, Pierre et Jeune with an unknown cast and there's a desire for something meatier. Somebody wicked and funny." She'd love the opportunity to work with her goddaughter, Angelina Jolie after their scenes together in Mr and Mrs Smith (as Brad Pitt's mother) hit the cutting room floor.

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"It was nice to win but all the PR from it was a bit mean and not understood. But to make such a fuss over the fact that I swore, I did feel put upon." Amidst the concurrent ramblings and frequent pauses, there are pockets of sparkling clarity and fierce intelligence in her conversation.“Other women would ask, ‘why do you do everything for him when you’re not married? Stepping up to the microphone to accept the Best Supporting Actress award in a miniseries for her performance in BBC's period jazz drama, Dancing on the Edge, the blind-sighted star was stifled by an attack of crippling nerves. I don't feel understood about the whole thing." She pauses, swallowing contempt for the episode. "With the modern internet, people are really stupid about what they say.“I certainly thought it had some good points but …” she said.“Women are becoming so tough.” Asked if women “whinge too much,” she said: “Well I don’t know but I think they probably do.

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