James newman and sofia black d39elia dating

Did you guys all bond really quickly, once you had the chance to meet? And then, over the course of these past five months, between filming and the aftermath, we’ve become a family and we are each other’s support system and so much more. What can you say about Tea and how she fits in with this group of friends?I couldn’t be luckier and happier to have them with me, throughout all of this. BLACK-D’ELIA: Tea is the wild card because she’s extremely confident and very sure of herself. And then, like most teenagers, she realizes that maybe she doesn’t know everything and she doesn’t know herself as well as she hoped she did.And so, a lot of my friends were fans and had gotten me into it earlier.

A huge part of that for us is the constant desire to fulfill his expectations and rise to the occasion because he sets the bar very high.

It’s hard for her to deny emotions and feelings, and I really like that about her. But, in the same sense, she has this constant battle where half of her wants to run away, and I think that’s really interesting because, out of all the parts of her character, I think I relate to that most.

She wants to commit to things or commit to people, but then, there’s a very strong pull inside of her that says, “Run away!

I was actually with Danny when he found out he got the part, so we bonded really quickly.

And then, the three of us just waited until the pilot to meet everyone else. We were all probably nervous about how the bonding and the cast chemistry would develop, but immediately, when we met each other, something clicked and we were instantly friends.

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