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Back in Liz Ortecho’s combat boots & continuing our book club with #The Poet X by another brilliant Liz, @Acevedo Writes. #Readswell NM W9Tt LTMV I promised a fan I’d write this on the cover of my first season 2 script before we even got picked up. I Am Not Your Perfect Mexican Daughter by @Erika LSanchez.

She holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity.

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The stars were joined by their co-star Tyler Blackburn as they stepped out for the premiere of their new show.

#Roswell NM 👽 Oh Gb Next up in our burgeoning book club... Grateful for all it tackles in navigating expectations, mental health & loss. First up on my @CWRoswell NM returning to Liz Ortecho stack... A collection of stories featuring Latina women of the Southwest and the deep-rooted truths of their homelands.

⁦@Variety⁩ working on the show’s first season, playing Liz, collaborators, fan involvement, more.

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