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It doesn’t matter how much backlash I will get for it.and the other two films I saw, a friend commented, “Wow!” The best apocalyptic series ever made for television. It is very gutsy, in that it is one of the few TV shows to mention Jesus by name.

The night before, I saw Bernie Mac pick Ashton Kutcher apart thirty-six ways from Sunday in an effort to “protect” his daughter (Zoë Saldana) from the societal scorn that would result from their interracial relationship. Senor Love Daddy asked in the closing moments of Spike Lee’s In 2002, with nothing but hope for a better life and trust in Jesus Christ, I moved out of South Central Los Angeles to Orange County (a.k.a. Most of my friends are White with a few Blacks and Latinos thrown into the mix.

experience with my friends was that we (my wife and I) were the only African-American couple in our group that night.

Let me be a bit more honest: we’re the only African-American couple in this particular group PERIOD!

But there was something a bit more profound about our time watching Queen Latifah styling heads and making us laugh.

What we saw on screen was a mirror of our reality as friends: Black folks and White folks mingling together, learning to look past their differences and embracing their similarities, and creating a healthy community. King dreamed about when he envisioned a world where people would not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.

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    It is a scientific belief that blacks were considered an inferior race at one point in history.

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