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Since this would be my first inherited meerschaum pipe restoration, I shall tread very carefully in addressing these issues.

There is thick build up of cake in the chamber with a thicker layer at the bottom half of the chamber.

With my smaller fabricated knife, I scraped out all the carbon from difficult to reach areas.

I used a 220 grit sand paper, pinched between my thumb and forefinger, to sand the inner walls of the chamber of the pipe.

Well, this pipe now on my work table is a Kaywoodie made from block meerschaum!!

I was aware that KBB made briar pipes with meerschaum insert, but block meerschaum pipes, that I was not aware of.

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I have extracted below, the relevant portion of the thread.

The meerschaum on my work table is a classic Dublin with a stout meerschaum shank and a vulcanite stem.

The stummel is sans any stampings and the only way it can be identified as being a Kaywoodie is the trademark cloverleaf insert on the stem and the four holed stinger tenon.

The entire stummel is covered in minor nicks and scratches with slightly deeper ones seen on the front and behind the bowl.

There is a patch, similar to what would be seen on a briar when exposed to water, on the front of the bowl.

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