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This is the place for all the things we do for fun not covered by a dedicated forum.If you are into RC, boats, helicopters, modeling, scale trains, control line flying, POV flying, model rocketry, antique engines, slot car racing, or any amateur pastime that is undertaken for pleasure or relaxation, check it out.-Mil-Surp-Phreak-, 1time, 3paul10, 5cary, 85Mike TPI, Aamdskeetshooter, Absolute, Abuck, afang, Air Cav73, Algot, Allen65, alucard0822, amickey1979, Arcamm, Art3, ascorb, Assists21, atblis, Augie, avsjr, Azmo, balext, basscat, BBest Pawn, bbrown, BDurk, Bertfish, Bethesda John, Biggfoot44, Biggie313, Bigsawer, bitterkenny, bmkoenig, bohman, Boss94, Boxcab, Brew Doc_MD, Brikhaus, brownspotz, buckslugger, Buster Brown, c&rdaze, Captain Waggles, Chevyman85, chuck, Cicirich, Clark W.Recreational fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, offshore fishing reports, and tactics. A place for those to gather that enjoy shooting, firearms, and making their own rounds.Front End Changes Avatars as Status Icons A new option has been added to show the user's avatar instead of the status icon in Topic Lists.

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