Leo dating a capricorn

Leo and Capricorn will have powerful emotions for each other, but sometimes show their affection in different ways, with their timing and mutual understanding for personal boundaries off.

They have a similar view on their soft sides though, for both of these signs tend to show strength rather than weakness of the heart.

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In a long-term relationship, the Goat's relentless work ethic can clash uncomfortably with Leo's compulsive need to party and the Lion's big ideas may seem impractical to down-to-earth Capricorn.Capricorn could be cold and distant, in disapproval of their partner’s extroverted behavior, but this won’t stop Leo from showing their affection as theatrically as they love to.If understanding is born between them, a Leo could earn unconditional respect of their Capricorn who is then ready to make their bond last for years, providing them with a strong foundation for their personal battles.While Leo goes into a major sulk if it doesn’t get a big round of applause for all of (including its most minor) achievements, Capricorn neither needs, nor wants, constant praise and flattery and is also notoriously mean in dishing it out to others.Leo’s strongly developed personal pride can be easily wounded by what it perceives as the Goats’ lack of appreciation and emotional back-up.

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