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Second option is the regular deodorant if you can’t find body mist easily, go for a girly fragrance which is floral as it feels very refreshing and calming in hot summer weather!Powder: Summer is all about keeping your skin matte and sweat free, then why stay away from powder?Espectáculo pornográfico anunciado a la entrada de una shop."The discrimination begins even before they are born," she added.India offers free care to newborns in more than 700 state-run hospitals that are dedicated to treating babies."We have seen even at malnutrition centres that more boys are brought in than girls," said Narendra Gupta, a public health expert in northwestern Rajasthan state, which records high rates of female infant mortality.The roll on deo will keep you fresh and sweat free for atleast 4-5 hours if not more than that!Shampoo: I’m sure you all keep a bottle of a shampoo in your bathroom but if you don’t then I suggest you to keep one, schedule a time of washing your hair thrice a week in the morning and use it to wash your hair while taking bath!Lemon will kill the bacteria, shrink down the pores and will make you sweat less!

Use a clarifying shampoo once a fortnight to get rid of scalp buildup and a regular shampoo thrice a week!

If you do, I think you may be doing a crime to your hair, seriously that’s a crime in the book of HAIR, conditioner is as essential as a shampoo, sometimes even more if you’ve got dry, rough hair!

You should use a conditioner every time you use a shampoo, like if you shampoo thrice a week, you have to even condition thrice a week!

Roll on Deo: This is a summer bath essential list and many of you face a problem of sweating in summer!

You come out taking a bath and you see yourself sweating, that’s just not done!

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