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Because of my commitment to Orthodox Judaism, I can no longer do this or justify the approach, either from a halachic or meta-halachic point of view.Those who are committed to the dignity of both individual Jews and our communities will find that they cannot in good conscience, either.The enforcers of this contract — rabbis, parents, educators and fellow adult students — know deep down that this agreement will never work.The stipulations, such as remaining in the closet or being celibate for life, are fanciful rejections of reality. The individual bound by it lacks any real , complete acceptance, to fulfill or not violate the stipulations, for doing so would go against his or her own identity.The halachic reason is that gay Jews are asked to meet a virtually impossible standard of behavior.If they violate that standard, they are either censured or thrown out of the Orthodox community.This leads to a meta-halachic point, which distinguishes Judaism from Christianity.Paul saw the Law as creating sin, for the Law is impossible to fulfill.

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When that force is completely external, halacha exempts the person from punishment.Salvation, therefore, must be found outside the Law, in Christ.Orthodox and classical Judaism, in contrast, affirm that the Law indeed can and therefore must be fulfilled. But by having a group of people — gay Jews – who cannot keep the laws surrounding homosexuality, Orthodoxy drives itself to an untenable reality. The law of Leviticus is in full effect, and we Orthodox Jews must live by the words of the Sages and all of the early authorities.We do not have any support system in Judaism for such a course.Judaism is so nuclear family-oriented that being single is considered a sin or a waste or, at best, a misfortune.

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