Lose it dating

Or the editors might slow down, letting a particular back-and-forth unspool at length. They smack their lips, gab while chewing, and check their phones.

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“By all means, exit,” she says—her first-date propriety charged with new rancor—as he leaves.

Some daters immediately click, and it’s as satisfying as when an i Phone purrs upon being plugged in.

Some cock their heads and stammer for comprehension, Captain Picard-and-the-Tamarians style.

There’s even a gamelike air to the kicker of each episode, in which chipper Spotify-core blares as the daters await their prize person on sunny, crowded New York streets.

Whereas the rest of the show alternates between the tedium and thrill of documentary, the closing is pure cutscene, as if a level has been completed.

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