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Connect 4 Speed Dating is anything but those things! Jenga Speed Dating London Regular, run-of-the-mill speed dating is so boring and monotonous and “singles” cocktail parties are…. Singles Life Drawing London Regular, run-of-the-mill dating events are so boring and monotonous and “singles” cocktail parties are…. Having to wake up in this cringe-worthy world of “gonnas”, “wannas” and “LOLZ” we decided to launch London’s first ever adults only spelling bee!

As proof, you only need to take a glimpse at the television to witness the comings and goings of a handful of young, ridiculously wealthy guys and girls with the cast of ‘Made in Chelsea’ strewn across our screens, to see how wealthy and affluent Chelsea really is.Perhaps it is not so surprising; the 32 year old entrepreneur is the founder of Applied Fusion Systems, a private manufacturer of nuclear fusion reactors in the UK. ”But for newly annointed player, James Taylor, the fact that Rosi Mai Waldon has asked him out – A slim brown-haired fellow sneaks his head around the door and then ventures into the room, a little bashfully at first. The type that mothers adore and eagerly proffer to their daughters. But we weren’t alone…His mate, Francis Boulle, was there too. is a stage show, inspired by the podcast of the same name.He is news is that Miles Nazaire can’t quite believe what his friend is telling him:“Oh my god, why the hell are you going on a date with Rosi? He’s quieter than you’d expect, polite to a fault, and he’s dressed down in skinnies and trainers. And here he is now, checking in with the motherly (and fatherly) types in the audience, asking them how they are. The (excellent) podcast is co-hosted by Jamie Laing and Francis Boulle, and features a variety of guests.But despite its size, Ju Ju’s is intimate and cosy, with the walls adorned with mirrors and plenty of comfy leather sofas and low tables, creating the ideal atmosphere for the singletons of Chelsea to meet, greet and flirt in their search for love in the area.In all, this venue simply oozes style, sophistication and class, meaning you will be amongst like minded people wherever you go in this chic yet relaxed bar and the staff are something else; very helpful and friendly, the Ju Ju team are happy to help you with whatever drinks you wish to order and help you enjoy your night! Call now on 08 to book your ticket for one of our upcoming Chelsea speed dating events.

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