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See full summary » Director: Ljubisa Georgievski Fidan is a young man who lives and works in the town.

At a meeting with his contact they are ambushed by the police. See full summary » Director: France Stiglic Young scientist Zare and his wife, a theater costume designer Mira, live in a rented apartment where they were under the pressure of curious and disturbing neighbors. See full summary » Director: Dimitrie Osmanli Three partisans come to a fascist held town at the end of the war to create diversions.Preljepa narajcana napaljena Makedonka voli da ga primi. Od straha da ne probudi roditelje nije stenjala, nije vrištala, samo... Makedonka se odlicno jebe u Dupe " data-medium-file="https://i2com/ But a carload of Russian prisoners get people to feed them, then the prisoners ...See full summary » Director: Ljubisa Georgievski The inhabitants of a small village in a backward area of Macedonia earn their living by sending their men abroad in search of employment.

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