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Put the bully on the spot instead of responding to the complaints and criticism.

Anytime you are feeling bullied or experiencing bullying behavior, document the date, time and details of the incident. If you eventually seek help from Human Resources, documentation, especially documentation of the bully's impact on business results and success, gives HR the information they need to work with on your behalf.

But, these numbers are on the rise with the notoriety that bullying has gained.

You’ve tried to implement these recommendations about how to address the behavior of a bully, but they aren’t working to stop the bully. Go to HR or your manager with your evidence, especially the evidence that demonstrates the impact of the bully on the business, and file a formal complaint.

But, you can assess the impact of HR and management's actions by how the bully now treats you after presumably, they have made an intervention.

You can address the behavior of a bully in your workplace.

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Point out that he’s swearing or yelling, and leave the room.Or end the call.” ”You’re wrapping Bulldozer’s fury with tough love.By making statements about his conduct, you’re putting him on notice.Most employee handbooks describe the HR investigation process that your complaint sets in motion.Hope for the best resolution when you ask management and HR for assistance in dealing with the bully, but be prepared to explore other options so you have less contact with the bully. You may never know what HR did about the bully; his or her privacy and confidentiality is also a priority.

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