Marlin rifle dating

The man handling that stuff for several years just didnt want to talk to me.Anyway, there were no hard feelings at all, as he was doing his job as he thought it should be done.What recoil the cartridge does produce is abated handily by the excellent recoil pad that Marlin has installed on the XL7.

First of all, a bit about the Marlin Firearms Company.The other one percent could easily be accomplished with my Marlin .45-70 Guide Gun.Marlins entire line of leverguns are good-shooting, well-built rifles.The stock wears molded-in checkering for a secure hold, has a soft, comfortable recoil pad, and has sling swivel studs attached, which is always a good idea on a hunting rifle.It bugs me to see many rifles marketed to hunters that have no provision for attaching a sling.

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