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Curezhin lost two fingers on his right hand while testing explosives for this purpose in Waukegan in 1904. In June 1920, an African-American boy allegedly hit the car of an off-duty sailor from nearby Great Lakes Naval Base with a rock, and hundreds of white sailors gathered at Sherman House, a hotel reserved for African-Americans.Although newspaper reports and rumors suggested that the officer's wife was hit with glass from the broken windshield, subsequent reports revealed that the officer was not married.

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Kinzie and Solomon Juneau, and the new name was adopted on March 31, 1849.The construction of the Chicago and Milwaukee Railway through Waukegan by 1855 stimulated the growth and rapid transformation and development of the city's industry, so much that nearly one thousand ships were visiting Waukegan harbor every year.One member of this community, Monoog Curezhin, even became embroiled in an aborted plot to assassinate Sultan Abdul Hamid II, reviled for his involvement in massacres of Armenians in the Ottoman Empire.Industries included: ship and wagon building, flour milling, sheep raising, pork packing, and dairying.William Besley's Waukegan Brewing Company was one of the most successful of these businesses, being able to sell beyond America.

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