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With the compassion and understanding that John Gray brings to all of his work, he takes us through the five stages of dating: Attraction, Uncertainty, Exclusivity, Intimacy, and Engagement.

Listeners will find creative ideas on how to find their soulmates and thoughts on how to create a loving and mutually fulfilling relationship.

His academic background, not in psychology or humanistic fields, has been subject to some controversy.

It’s unsure where Gray completed his bachelor/master and he received the Ph D, by a now defunct and unaccredited institution after completion of a correspondence course.

'It's OK, here are these cheating wives, men, they want to have sex with you'...

So you go have sex with someone that you don't know and someone you don't love...

" With regard to online pornography Gray stated, "With free internet porn, there's a massive addiction happening," adding that there are "just millions and millions of people...

In 1996, Gray and Maia and Bart Berens co-founded Mars Venus Institute.

Bart Berens was president and Maia Berens was director.

In 1997, Gray began opening Mars & Venus Counseling Centers, where he trains therapists in his "Mars & Venus technique" in exchange for a one time licensing fee and monthly "royalty payments".

Dorothy Cantor, a former president of the American Psychological Association, has questioned the ethics of creating a franchise for what is essentially a therapeutic process.

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