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You especially don't go with your goofy ass homiez. Other mixed settings where she's not facing "group" pressure to conform.

And you definitely don't get into an altercation with the Imam's son. In terms of easy(er) foreign (and domestic) poon of any kind, college is where it's at. - work - work mixers - classes that aren't in college - bars, clubs, restaurants where she's not in the majority - when she's rolling with her non-Arabic/Muslim/Persian friends What you don't do is head off to "international" night held at some converted restaurant and think you can pull Fatima off Faisal with ease.

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Lol my bad for going from middle easter girls to shit talk!

Most guys don't know a Korean girl from a Japanese girl, or a Ukrainian girl from a French girl. I think I've mentioned it briefly before, it's kind of been a secret of mine but I'm willing to go on the record now.

Best place to find Persians (in the world) to bang: Sweden.

A forum member seen her pictures, she's sexy as hell. All I know is she wants nothing to do with white boys and likes some "flavor on her guys".

She straight up said she likes guys with tattoos who will keep her in line , are rough around the edges and not pussies.

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