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He blames others for bad decisions he made, and he’s perfectly willing to slather a stranger with that vitriol.

If any of us has been around long enough, we’ve been wronged by someone. Bottom line, we chose that person, good bad or indifferent. We all fail in one way or another in our intimate connections; that’s how we grow.

While for some this is all about a growing dissatisfaction with our partners, it’s also about our increased longevity as well as, for some, improved health as we’ve aged.

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In fact, he did this three times.“Hang on a minute,” I said.If we’re not willing to learn from those mistakes and then we spend all our time blaming the other person, then we’re not good relationship material. He’s as angry as Krakatoa, and whether or not that’s justified is none of my business. It can be distracting, but we will destroy that new connection quickly if we haven’t sorted out what we did wrong the last time (and every time, if this is a recurring theme.)My big brother, who died at 62, spent his entire life going through one failed relationship after another.I ended the conversation politely and then blocked his profile. The problem is that if we expect to start over, then a house cleaning is in order. There’s no question that many of us have connections that are either very hard to break, or our history affects our ability to be vulnerable to someone new. The breakups were always and forever the woman’s fault.That is, as long as divorce didn’t leave us financially insecure, as it does for many women. I was in that market on and off for the last decade.Still, if we do decide to call it quits, many of those with greying temples still want company, if not necessarily a spouse, and we have joined dating sites with a vengeance. While I returned to a long-standing relationship (nearly eleven years at this point) with a BF who moved in last May, I was recently reminded by stories from friends about the challenges of Dating While Middle-Aged.

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