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The significance, however, for gold exploration in a previously unrecognised hydrothermal mineralising system with possible links to extrusion of the Gawler Range Volcanics was clearly established.

A subvolcanic epithermal mineralisation model was developed by Aberfoyle geologists as a focus for exploration on northern Eyre Peninsula and the southern margin of the Gawler Range Volcanics.

1590 Ma volcanic and plutonic event that formed the silicic large igneous province on the Gawler Craton, but this has proved to be difficult to confirm by direct dating methods.

Epithermal mineralisation of Proterozoic age is rarely preserved in the geological record as these shallow systems are easily eroded.

1 Geological Survey of South Australia, Department of the Premier and Cabinet 2 Department of Earth Sciences, University of Adelaide 3 Geoscience Australia 4 Argon Geochronology Laboratory, University of Queensland Igneous activity across the Gawler Craton during the Mesoproterozoic (c.

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In 1996 alteration mapping using a portable infrared mineral analyser delineated zones containing alunite, dickite and pyrophyllite (Gerakiteys 1996); the mineral assemblage is consistent with that found in advanced-argillic alteration systems and commonly associated with high-sulfidation epithermal As–Au–Cu mineralisation (e.g. In joint venture with Mount Isa Mines Ltd, three RC percussion holes (averaging 115 m) were drilled in September 1996 on Aberfoyle Exploration Licence 1841 on the flanks of the hills, close to the margins of blocky siliceous breccia outcrop.The dating of alunite from an area of advanced argillic alteration at Nankivel Hill provides new data on the timing of hydrothermal fluid activity that links with the c. Initial surface geochemistry identified anomalous concentrations of As±Au–Ag–Pb–Cu on the northern margin of brecciated and silicified carbonate metasedimentary rocks, correlated with Katunga Dolomite of Paleoproterozoic Hutchison Group (Coutts et al. The anomalous area was referred to as the Nankivel Dam prospect and the main outcrop of siliceous breccia was later informally named Nankivel Hill (Figs 1, 2).Four short drill traverses comprising 27 shallow RAB holes (average 22 m depth, total 573 m) failed to extend the geochemical anomaly.Consequently, muscovite from samples of high-grade metamorphic rocks of Warrow Quartzite both close to and distal to the alteration system were also analysed.Muscovite has a nominal closure temperature of ~350 °C (Mc Dougall and Harrison 1999).

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