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Tiie anthropological building is near- ing comjiletion. If vou are not satisfied with your laun- dry telephone 447 and have Lutes' laun- dry call. U require for the wash- ing and rinsing of the particles of the hluod an cva[)oration of at least a score of counts. "It is on this ground that I consider the only treatment by the bath rational, complete, and net empirical, to be put- ting the patient into the bath to remain there till cured." Proijress of Household Economics. You can buy one Cheaper this week than you could last. The Coroner Will Begin an Inquiry on Mon- day, and the War Department Will Investigate. Do yoa need accommoda- tioal Have yoa given this nujtliod of oar bnsineed your consideration T It U honorable. Oar books contain the names of tlie best citizens of Duluth, who have availed t.homselvee of its advantages. The cattlemen claim pri- ority to the range, which the sheep men refuse to recognize. Pittsburg, Tex., June 10.— Harry Graham, colored, was hanged in the presence of several thousand people yesterday for the murder of Constable Ledbetter last December. "li a inedical man attempted by means of :nedicine to purify entirely the blood of a man in a corrupted state, he would claim:;nierit for his expedition if he ef- fected his purpose in weeks or even months. Of this number M8 are in favor of the repeal, 25 are against the repeal and 8 are still undecided. Heartrending Stories of Suffering and Dis- tress Growing Out of This Calamity are Being Tcld. The wholesale slaueh^.ering of the sheep has aroused fcciing to the very highest pitch. S«v«fai Thousand People Attend an Execution In Texas. Supposing three or four yito- cesses all equally necessary, your ]ic\- feet condition of health depends upon what yoii yourself do with refercncj to the skin. A large number of Shrincrs arrived Sunday and this morning. New York, June 12.— In reply to :i telegram sent t members of both houses of congress by the Times as to their atti- tude in regard to the Sherman law 122 have been heard from — i S senators and 104 representatives. DON'T FAIL TO VISIT BAYHA & CO., 108 AND 110 FIRST AVENUE WEST. stories of suffering and distress growing out of this calamity are heart rending. He served during the war as steward of the Fourth Untied States colored troop and after the war was connectc.l with the Freedman's bureau in North Carolin.', where he was once a justice of the peace. They had bought a house in Buffalo upon the installment plan and were laboring together, economizing in every possible way to pay the debt. He was a mtinber of the i i/t 1 New York volunteers and for brave and meritorious services throughout the war was mustered out with the rank of cap- tain. He was born near Gadisburg, Pa., but came here from Topeka, Kas., in October. His body will be taken to Gettys- burg for interment. The death roll received another acces- sion this morning when A. Gerault, i clerk from New Jersey, gave up the struggle whi:h be had maintaine J against awful odds for nearly twenty- four hours. At)out twenty couple formerly mem- bers of the assembly held an informal hop at Hoyt's hall last evening. This will probably'be the last club danee giv«n until the Bay View pavilion is com- pleted. Mc Donald expects to commence work on the improvement ot First aveauewest next Monday. This morning he was in at the same heat for a longer period. Investigation by the war department will also be had. Arnold, who lost his life in a mad leap from a rear window cf the old theater to the cobble-paved alley below, was one of the best known and popular colored men m the city. Gage's death for his wife to return for a visit .imong her olbs the story of thei: struggles. Miller, h s honorable war rccor.l and fraternal tit;s in severalorganizations as we'll as his genial persunality, servin \ to make him nost popular. Y., and with seve 1 brothers enlisted in the service of his country. Miller, Howard S., of Ohio, 117 Thir- teenth street, N, E. Scricber, Willi im, of Maryland, lived at College station. Schull, Emanuel Gates, of Kansa'j,, aged 38, leaves a widow and child. He four brothers and two sisters living at home and elsv\here. The lirst of the series of sum- mer concerts arranged for will be he M tomorrow, the weather permitting, the program to begin at . Haley has purchased the pr(»- perty on the corner of Grand avenue a»d Central, formerly owned by H. The pain was immediately allayed, and from that time he experienced none until, on my return in the evening, I heated the bath to about 230 degrees and kept him in it, varying the heats, for about one and a half hours. Kriz said: "1 have suffered a great deal with my head, the cause of which was an inflammation of the membrane lining the air passages of the head. 'Sandy Mc Ouade, our qaariermas- ter, convulsed the crew one night by a new song he introduced.

THEEE CENTS ^/ p/i if V A A A 1^ -*«' ■'^ »**■ -^ *- -k JVj |RQ Sideboards SPECIAL PRICES! You can buy one for Less money this week than you can next week. Graham grew so weak on the scafi Fold from fright that the officers had to hold him up to adjust the rope. Taking the watery portion of the blood to amount to twelve pounds, that quaatitv has to be go,: rid of for tl;e purification ot the body. Many ut no suitable building has yet been secured, and it will probably bo some days before the force is again put to work. The jury impanelled thii morning consists of practical businei-s men of high character. Arnold, George M., of \irginia, aged 55, leaves a widow. An excited woman called her out of the house and told her that the building had fallen and her husband killed. One sad feature of the case was the fact that prepar.}ticns had already l;een made at the time of Mr. Probably no ma 1 in the fatal office was better known tha 1 Capt. Had he remained seated the prob- .abilities are thr.t he would have been ui - injured, as the desk was located in a part of the building not affected by the cave in. His father was a grandson of ore of the secretaries of the treasury. The exact location of the new buildiag has uot yet been decided upon but it will not be far from the sani- taruim. Guests returning to their hooies yes- terday who attended the Kingsbury- Prescott wedding were Mrs. It is almost certain lobe needed and should be procured at once. The servant in charge applied spermacite, but in consequence ot his agony he was, after some time, taken into the bath at about 180 degrees. Tears tilled many eyes, as each told of his experiences and how he had seen one v/hom they all knew and loved dashed down to death. What made the shock all the more severe fo his widow was the man- ner in which the news reached her. The body was badly bruised and the death blow was evidently received while he was bending over liis detk engaged in hii work. He was a dentist and practiced his profession \ the odd houi.s left him from his dcs K. His f.'imily was large and he found double work necessary to make both ends meet. For some reason he had\.acated his desk and gone to the lower floor just before the crash came. He was one of the original faculty of the Columbia dentil college and was for a long time employed in the office of the surgeon general. Brick The Bay \'iew Land carupany has de- cided to build a pavjliou at the head of ihe inchne. Horn this morning to Hans Lunding and wife, of Third avenue east, a son. Chief Petersonof the police force and Oscar Buckley left on a trip t« Moose lake yesterday. He did try a change one night, selecting for it that way up song, •pass Under the Rod.' The boys, how- ever, would not have it and howled it down and insisted upon having the pur- ser's old stand bv." Dr. do as they promise in their ad for pile treatment on page 2. If not, now is the time to provide yourself and family with a bottle of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy as nn insurance against any serious results from an at- tack of bowel complaint during the .sum- mer months. My child, aged 45^ years, during my absence play- ing before the drawing room fire, lost his balance and saved himself by falling with his hand against the bar of the grate. MORTGAGE LOANS, Commercial Paper, Municipal Bonds, Etc. There was pain above my eyes and across the bridge of my nose; my throat would get so sore at times that . My nose was always stopped up so that I could not breathe through it. He greatly ex- cited our curiosity by rising to his feet and announcing that he vvould sing an entirely nev/ song. Its Completion Has Been Held Back By the Delay of Many Adjoining Exhibitors. 1 was subject to dizzy headaches, especially when I would stoop over. He was a great 'nig Scoxhman, six feet tix, shoul- ders as broad as Samson's, great yellow whiskers that came nearly to the bottom of his guernsey and covered a generous part of his broad breast. The Minnesota Household Economic Exhibits at Chicago Will Soon Be Ready for Public Inspection.

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