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He has also served as an academic advisor and instructor in the Program in Education; served as an official university representative on student crises; served on the A-Team planning and implementation; appointed by the president as assistant university marshall; served as a co-convener of the Council on Graduate and Professional Student Affairs; lead communications efforts with incoming Duke students; directed the Summer Reading Program; lifted boxes, reached high shelves, helped old ladies across the street, and performed other duties as assigned."Todd has tremendous capacity and commitment to the work he does for the students at Duke.

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These early Muslims contributed greatly to the development of rural and remote Australia.

The cameleers generally lived away from white populations, at first in makeshift camel camps, and later in 'Ghantowns' on the edges of existing settlements.

In its heyday, Marree supported a thriving Afghan community, separated by the railway line from the European population.

Bullock teamsters and other goldfield workers saw Afghans as cheap labour and unwanted competition, especially in the transport industry.

The cameleers were demonised in the press, and accused of various acts of aggression, including monopolising waterholes.

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