Mutual consolidating savings

As a manufacturer and supplier of comprehensive solutions for the automatic identification we offer the consolidation program including the supply of markings, devices and Auto ID systems.Program based on the cyclic exchange of information and accurate identification of customer needs allows for products standardization and savings related with reducing SKU in different locations of our customers.

Sometimes you’ll have to make a choice between consolidation and optimization. The goal of consolidating your retirement accounts is generally two-fold: The catch is that those two goals don’t always go hand in hand.By setting clear rules for cooperation with one partner, reducing the prices of raw materials due to the volume of purchases or reducing the cost or the number of SKUs, it is possible to achieve savings in many areas of operation.The base of the program is efficiency and mutual trust, our expert knowledge and flexibility.The fewer retirement accounts you have, the easier it is to keep your overall investment plan on track.In some cases, it may even be worth paying a little bit more in order to have all your retirement money in one, easy-to-manage account.

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