My photostream is not updating

For your shared photo album that you can’t import photos from, let’s try turning off shared photos and turning it back on. I see that your new photos from your i Phone are not showing up on your i Pad or Mac and you’re not able to import photos from a shared stream. One resource that is helpful is the FAQ for i Cloud photo library.

When you turn on i Cloud Photo Library on your i OS device or Mac, your photos and videos will upload after you connect to the Internet with Wi-Fi and your battery is charged. And I wish that i Cloud would be better and better U/I in i Cloud Drive in the future.1 - Apple is not here - this is strictly a user to user support forum2 - i CLoud works just fine3 - to get help you need to actually start a thread with your specific details and your question rather that thread jack an old thread saying "me too" -- for help in writing a question that can be answered see Writing an effective Apple Support Communities question LNI have the same problem, in spite of following all steps that there iare, still not working.

This is my main Mac, the one that Then it is uploading and when it is complete everything will be there - uploading the entire library is triggered by user action causing the local library to be disconnected from ICP and then reconnecting - this can be cause by moving the library, turning i Cloud or ICPL off and back on, repairing the library or any other action that disconnects the library from i Cloud - anytime you do that the library must be uploaded in full to verify library integrity Leave it alone, keep the Mac awake, powered on connected to the internet so it can finish as quickly as possible - but at best it is a slow process and you should never disconnect it and reconnected it unless it is critical that you do - doing this is a last resort LNThanks for your help, Larry! I actually tried that before posting, but after one full day, progresses were very little (still a staggering numbers of pics "waiting" to be uploaded). And some that were there before but which I decided to delete from my library still were. I'll let my old i Mac peacefully on for a few days and see what's happening. Photos on i Pad and i Phone are syncing fine, ones uploaded over last 4 weeks to Photos on i Mac from an SD card are still trying to upload (31 items) .

The corollary is that the photos taken on i Pad and i Phone are not downloaded to the i`Mac as I understand from last time this happened that uploads take precedence over downloads.

So if your i Phone is not connected to Wi-Fi and doesn’t have a significant charge, your i Phone won’t upload your new photos to i Cloud and won’t appear on your other devices. Upgrading, and going back to the dates on my pics it looks like that could be accurate. The most common cause of this is a device or devices that have not completed uploading all items LNSame here.

For your shared photo album that you can’t import photos from, let’s try turning off shared photos and turning it back on. In my case, they are pictures I took last weekend on a DSLR and which I imported to my i Mac from the camera SD card.

Ever since I updated to icloud control panel 3.0 with the new ios 7 my photostream transfer to my PC stopped updating on 9.27.13.

Stack Exchange network consists of 175 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.I have tried pausing and resuming, quitting Photos and restarting, leaving the i Mac on for 2 days to no avail.Still says uploading 31 items and still doing nothing.I have uninstalled and resinstalled countless times.I have tried unchecking read only on my folders and nothing is working.

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