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You: I really only have the so what are my options? For some reason when I checked my account, everything was cleaned out, but I think it's just temporary. Whore: Your story sounds believable and I will proceed to touch your junk. After you're done she'll most likely throw some paper towels your way and tell you to clean up.

Scenario 1Whore: Alright well I guess I can make an exception, just because you're cute. Do this quickly and get dressed as if you were a firefighter rushing for a five-alarm blaze after being awoken at 2am.

Take off everything except your boxers and lay face-down and wait for the girl to come back. Talk about where she's from, where you're from, really anything other than her milking your cock.

Inner Voice: Wow, this place is disgusting, why is the air so damp? Brownie points if you tell her to really “get in deep on the shoulders” because of your pickup basketball mishap.

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