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So the rumor that there are more sheep than people in New Zealand is not exactly false, as I quickly found out.After leaving sprawling urban Auckland, the complete lack of people took me by surprise. But now that spring is here, all the lambs have been born which means adorable, fluffy, baby sheep EVERYWHERE!I had gone out for a wine tasting that evening, so it’s safe to say I was pretty sloshed by the time I rolled home a few hours later. I know there are more and more bigger earthquakes happening in New Zealand, and let me just preface this by saying I am SO not ready for a big one.

I’m talking wind that will blow your clothes clean off. Source My first week living in Wellington we had an earthquake.

That being said, there are NO AMERICANS IN NEW ZEALAND. This past month (ok, month and a half) I have flown to NZ from the US, and I have flown from NZ to Europe. And just like there are new words for everything in NZ, I’ve learned a lot of new coffee vocabulary too.

From San Francisco, Auckland is a 12 hour direct flight. For example, when I get a nonfat or skinny latte, here they call it a trim latte. Same goes for a flat white, a type of espresso coffee in New Zealand. I talked before about how much hype Wellington was getting and how it initially put me off living there.

My hopes that it was just a big gust of the famous wind were dashed when my roommate popped his head in to check on me. I haven’t had to show ID to go out drinking since living in the US, let alone bring my passport. They don’t let belligerent people in bars and will kick you out without a second thought.

One of my last nights in Wellington I was out at a bar with friends and while we were waiting for drinks, a group of young drunk guys were getting rowdy on the dancefloor.

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