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The northern part is filled with Muslims and fair, Nigerian ladies.

The southern part is filled with Christians, where the religion is taken very seriously.

Before you get how to Nigeria is a land with many kinds of people and it has about 250 types of ethnic groups. With English as the national language, not all the people speak English Fluently.

If you meet anyone in Nigeria, they can communicate with you in Pidgin English, which is a mixture of the Nigerian and English Words.

They make the adire cloth that is a hand-patterned cloth that is made by making some particular parts of the cloth resistant to the dye.

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Moreover, if you want to get a Nigerian girl for marriage, you would have to pay her parents just for giving their daughter to you.

They are very neat and tidy people, so you would never need to worry about any dirt and negativity in your life.

Dating Nigerian Women teaches you how to be independent and enjoy your life as you contribute to the society.

You would just need to be clear about the type of relationship you are looking for.

These women are open for all hook-ups, casual and serious relationships.

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