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The selected newspaper must be one that publishes public records; ask your County Auditor if you are unsure which newspaper to choose.

Failure to publish the notice will result in the denial of your name change petition; you will have to start the process over and the filing fees will not be reimbursed.

The clerk will also provide a hearing date, which you can enter on the appropriate line of the Notice Form.

Contact one of your local newspapers and have them publish the Notice Form once a week for the four (4) weeks leading up to your hearing date.

Find your county’s Circuit Court and file the Petition, the Notice of Hearing, and the Filing Statement forms with the court clerk.

They will ask for the filing fee and will return to you a copy of the Notice of Hearing Form.

The newspaper should provide proof of publication, also referred to as an affidavit of publication, for you to file with the court clerk on or before the day of your hearing.

Download the Order for Adult Name Change Form and complete all the fields except for the date at the bottom and the judge’s signature.

All name change petitions must have a Civil Case Filing Statement Form (Form UJS-232) attached to them.

The original certificate must be presented to government agencies, such as the SSA and DPS, when updating your name on your Social Security card, driver’s license, or photo ID card.

Changing your name after a divorce is only valid if you wish to revert back to your previous name before marriage.

The South Dakota name change forms are documents that can be completed by any South Dakota resident (with some limitations) that wishes to legally change their name.

Although these forms aren’t necessary when making a name change after a divorce or after a marriage, they are required when an individual desires to change their name for religious, political, or any other personal reasons.

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