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This could be a good person to be around and the two of you can get to know each other over walks around the property. Say you've gone on a few pleasant walks with the person you're interested in.The next step could be a little romantic excursion.The Wall Street Journal spoke to Daniel Reingold, CEO of the parent organization that runs Hebrew Home, who touted the benefits of advanced age dating:"People need connection and affirmation, regardless of age, says Mr. Studies show that older adults who have strong social networks and high levels of social activity show less cognitive decline. There's a reason millennials shy away from big sites like and e Harmony: because it's better suited for old folks.We also need to have something to look forward to and get excited about, says Mr. But there are also special sites just for seniors, like and the How About We-powered AARP Dating.We do not want to concern people but would like to take this opportunity to remind people to make sure they secure windows and doors.“The victim is being cared for by professionals and is being supported by specialist officers. “If you have any information at all that could help with our investigation – we need to hear from you.Reingold."Predictably, women are the much more enthusiastic members of the dating program: of the dozen-ish enlisters, only three were men, one of whom died before he got matched. Both are specially designed with easy senior navigation in mind, and feature lots of senior-geared lifestyle content to keep them ~informed~ while they browse.

In this Adventure Dating Sim you play an old person who doesn't want to die alone. Bring them items they've lost or help them with their troubles.

Senior dating doesn't have to be difficult or intimidating.

Thanks to technology, dating for seniors is easier than ever. If you live in a nursing home and are wondering how to make senior dating work for you, keep reading!

Make the date more romantic by lighting some candles or getting your date a bouquet.

We also think that folks in nursing homes should take full advantage of the technology that exists to help us communicate with one another.

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