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Therefore, Objectivism holds that all forms of altruism are irrational and immoral, even if they are done voluntarily, as long as they have no material benefit to the altruistic individual.

It sports a range of convoluted tenets, but is most infamous for redefining overt self-interest as the prime moral virtue — and, to take things even further, literally redefining altruism as evil.

It attempts to apply the principles of laissez-faire to right and wrong.

For Rand the individual's life has supreme value and self-interest determines ethics.

Game theory is another science that proves the gaping holes in Objectivist theory, as insisting on the Objectivist logic means that in situations like the prisoner's dilemma each Objectivist will try to benefit at the expense of the other and both will lose out.

Rational individuals in prisoner's dilemma-type positions understand that cooperation and altruism is the better strategy (at least for repeated play), and both will win out.

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