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If need be, they can also update their information regarding working hours, dates, numbers of flights and so on. Optimizing search system to provide up to date information. Market research in order to collect pricing data and define hotel room prices. Providing customized professional services for each client. A search optimization tools were created to helped the users to easily navigate the website and have more user-friendly experience. A tool is created to scrape pricing information from different sources and provide the most optimal pricing choices. A customer-centric approach is created for the clients to implement professional services in accordance with their own websites.

It helps hotel managers to determine and forecast the current price rates of hotel rooms. A large trucking platform that brings together thousands of vetted but unrelated carriers to form a single, trusted and optimized source for shippers to buy all their transportation services, regardless of the required equipment type, lane or capacity. A customer portal with all relevant data and documents designed for customers and partners is introduced.

A socially integrated online marketplace specifically designed for musicians and music fans is introduced.

The marketplace has two distinct functions: an auction area and a social community.

The rich features of the application allow the users to: • choose the event according to interests, date/time • follow hosts and events The company had challenges with: 1.

Creating a sophisticated quoting system to address their specific business needs and integrating it with Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP system. Creating a centralized opportunity tracking system for their Sales Representative companies for managing and communicating the statuses of opportunities with headquarters in Japan. Creating a complete commission management system to handle the direct, distribution and offshore sales processes with a capability to calculate P/O, Ship To and Design Win commissions. Creating a Design Win management system for managing the design processes of the Sales Representative organizations. A complete quote system with multi-level of quote pricing and approval process is introduced.

The company’s customers are nation’s largest retails, banks including but not limited to advertisement and entertainment services providing companies.

A large import and export company transporting temperature sensitive cargo. The company handles fresh produce, including fruit and vegetables, seafood, meat, fresh and dry flowers, as well as pharmaceuticals and electronic components, which require controlled temperature monitoring.

It helps carriers and cargo owners track their cargo loads in a fast-paced environment. An administration back-end providing all set of managerial tools to monitor and manage the system. A complete set of services and APIs executing business logics, integrated with 3rd party software solutions and providing services to mobile apps or other clients sending authenticated requests is introduced.

The organization serves over 190 countries, including key Asia Pacific, South American and EMEA markets with services that include dedicated hand-carries, next-flight-out, inventory management, fulfillment operations and 4PL services management. A mobile portal for couriers and agents is introduced which wirelessly connects to the shipping network.

It provides on-site scanning of Air Waybills to automatically establish pickup, drop off, recovery and delivery.

The system provides complete visibility to the customers to see the status of their cargo loads in any state of delivery.

They receive proper notifications in case of any abnormality like predicted late delivery.

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