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But how was an innocent boy from Kasempa supposed to know such details. We had barely disembarked from the bus when a group of men approached us. I shook like a leaf, at least I was unharmed I thought. My passport, the driver’s license I had bought in Lusaka and all my money were stolen.

no part time relations or any time pass relations or only casual relation for time being are acceptable to me. I am a gentle man who is honest, humble, caring and humorous.

I love sport, I like aquatic sports, I like swimming and kayaking, I have travel to few countries around the world, I am very friendly but I have very few fri..

Zambians are now becoming well traveled and if you ever went to a faraway place like Hong Kong for example, chances are you will bump into a Zambian if you looked hard enough.

I did not want to be one of the less traveled Zambians and decided to travel to Bangkok with an acquaintance of mine – Big Jo.

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