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The following room, the largest of the state apartments, is the Throne Room.

Its ceiling and frescoes were executed by Orazio de Ferrari and depict the surrender of Alexander the Great.

Like much of the palace the room contains ornate 18th-century French-style furniture. Furnished as a state bedchamber, this room is frescoed with illustrations of the four seasons by Gregorio de Ferrari.

The following room, known as the Yellow Room (or sometimes as the Louis XV Bedchamber), is another state bedroom.

These were laid out from the 16th century onwards, and were enhanced in the style of those at Versailles during the 18th century.

This Renaissance architecture seems to mask earlier fortifications, the towers of which rise behind the differing classical façades.

These towers—many complete with crenellations and machicolations—were actually mostly rebuilt during the 19th century.

The most remarkable room in the suite is the Mazarin Room.

This drawing room is lined with Italian gilded and painted polychrome boiseries by craftsmen brought to France by Cardinal Mazarin, who was related by marriage to the Grimaldi.

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