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It is the same as the one when you go out with a person your family chooses in an arranged marriage.

In simple terms, it is a type of date where you go on a date with a person you do not know.

The trick here is that you will get only 5 – 10 minutes to know about the person as the time is fixed.

But the best part about speed dating is that it gives the opportunity to meet a lot of potential dates at a single place and in a single setting to pick a suitable match (only if you like).

But the big question here is how to go about dating?

With all the latest dating apps to choose from and so many ways to go on a date, you might be a bit confused.

We suggest product iterations as needed, or bigger pivots if the market isn’t responding as we expected.

You can ask your friend to set you up on a blind date, or it could be a surprise by your colleagues.

This is why we consider the UX the most important part of creating an app.

After the app is developed and launched into the real world, we keep watch over analytics to measure how much revenue the app is adding to the business.

Once we believe we can turn their concept into a real business and enjoy working together, then we’re in.

The design phase is all about designing for growth, not prettiness.

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