Outlook not updating after mailbox move

Note: With the move in many organizations from Exchange Server (local/network) to Exchange Online (cloud/Office 365), the following steps will be less important as storage space is dramatically increased.However, it’s still a best practice to reduce the number of items in Outlook for simpler organization and faster search.This can lead to a lot of wasted time cleaning up your mailbox.Try these tips for a faster, more organized approach to keep your mailbox smaller and easier to work with.https://services.dartmouth.edu/TDClient/KB/Article Det? Are you getting weekly or even daily messages from your system administrator saying you need to reduce the Microsoft Outlook mailbox size?

NOTE: You do not have to exit Outlook after you compact an Outlook Data File (.pst) file.Additionally, it looks like if you have two copies of the same message in the inbox and if you delete one of them, it deletes both of them.To resolve this: Check out this knowledge base article I found in the Dartmouth College knowledge base.The file can be created and updated at any location you specify, usually your local hard drive.Archived items are removed from your Outlook mailbox size and moved to the archive file based on the settings you determine.

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