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When the pictures get embedded, it would mean that your picture would be a reflection of when you created the message instead of when the the recipient is reading (or even re-reading) your message.

Depending on how often you change your picture, this might be a non-issue but it would also mean that the picture gets added each time and thus making each message quite a bit larger.

The table below explains the source for each Office 365 Profile photo.

outlook picture not updating-87outlook picture not updating-41

Key: When inserting the image into your signature, you must again make sure that the image is linked.

Creating an Outlook signature with an image or picture located on the Internet requires changing Outlook’s behavior on how to deal with linked images and also adding the image in a specific way.

Once the image is inserted, you can use the Signature Editor to turn the image into a hyperlink to any website.

Employees will often want to find a peer of someone that is out of office or has left the organization; likewise they may want to determine someone’s manager to escalate a task or matter with.

As people move in, out and within an organization, it’s quite common that manager attributes need updating to keep up.

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