Paypal dating

Most businesses that accept payments with Pay Pal find it to be perfectly safe.

They get paid more or less as they expect, and fraud is little more than a rare annoyance.

You can just secure your Pay Pal account by changing your password or card number.

Buyer Protection: Pay Pal’s Buyer Protection program might reimburse you.

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Perhaps that reputation is well-deserved, or perhaps there is just a vocal minority. To reduce the odds of a problem, try the following: In the past, businesses selling intangibles or charging fees for service were immune to Buyer Protection problems. So, be sure to document your communications so that you can provide proof to Pay Pal if there's a dispute.

After several attempts they flag the item as undeliverable on their system.

The scammer then makes contact with the delivery company giving them the new address where the parcel can be delivered to.

Customers can claim that goods never arrived or that you did not deliver what you promised, and Pay Pal seems to assume that the customer is (almost) always right.

You can plead your case, but you’ll need solid proof to get Pay Pal to decide in your favor. Customers can also reverse credit card charges easily.

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